Simplify Boundary Protection for your Enterprise or Air-Gapped Networks

The Oxbow Security Platform captures, indexes and correlates real-time data – with custom designed dashboards for graphs, reports, alerts, and visualizations. Post-processing analysis capability provides advanced key markers to detect and identify tactics, techniques, and procedures targeting your network assets. Deploy Oxbow on-premise for your enterprise or closed networks.

Easy SIEM Solution for Audit and Accountability

The Oxbow Security Platform (OSP) ingests data streams from security protection devices (firewalls, routers) into a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform. OSP allows for near real-time monitoring and analysis of network activity, visually representing cybersecurity attack threats – including threat type, source, location and priority.


Monitor, Detect, Respond

‘Monitoring as a Service’- Let us watch your network while you sleep. Choose from workday, after hours, or 24×7 monitoring plans. Combined with our Custom SIEM implementation aligned with your Incident Response plan – includes easy integration with your ticketing system or ours to detect and respond to external threats. Oxbow plus Monitoring as a Service provides full compliance with the Audit and Accountability Practice.


Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence feeds extend network situational awareness to demonstrate correlation of real-world events and network threats. Customized Threat Intelligence Feeds are incorporated to Oxbow as part of our bundled Monitoring as a Service offerings.