Leading Digital Transformation

RSI is a technology leader in Cyber, Cloud and Data Platforms and Services. 


  • Cybersecurity Assessment and Readiness
  • Managed IT and Security Services
  • Technology Business Management (TBM)
  • Data Engineering, Analytics, Visualization


Cybersecurity Services (Cmmc 2.0)

Cyber Readiness and Assessment

RSI performs gap assessments to determine your organization’s cyber readiness in advance of audits or other third party assessments. We provide a comprehensive assessment of your gaps with NIST SP 800-171 and current CMMC 2.0 guidance, developing an enterprise cybersecurity plan to implement security measures. Creating a culture of cyber readiness means creating a resilient and prepared organization. 

Policies and Procedures

The first step to any comprehensive cyber solution is to develop a planned approach to protecting your company’s assets. This includes asset scoping, network diagrams, policies, procedures and system security plans demonstrating your organizations systematic approach to security and compliance.

Many cybersecurity control families are adequately addressed through solid corporate policies and procedures. We help define your cybersecurity strategy in custom documentation that enables the creation and maintenance of audit artifacts, streamlining any assessment activity. Our customized documentation package accelerates the planning phase and allows your team to focus on implementation and remediation faster.

Plan of Action Remediation

Our RSI IT and Security professionals are well versed in maintaining and remediating corporate infrastructure to attain and maintain cybersecurity requirements. This includes control implementation of Multi-Factor Authentication, securing corporate networks and email systems, and establishing SIEM logging and audit capabilities. If your company has a plan of action, we can help to execute and drive outstanding actions back to green.

Security Awareness

Our team will train your staff on cybersecurity awareness, demonstrating to your employees and customers that you take cybersecurity seriously. We provide customized consulting and training on common cybersecurity mistakes.

Continuous Review

Practicing good cyber hygiene is not a once and done activity. We provide continued engagement and support with a semi-annual review of your system security plans and actions. We review assets, identity management, access control policies and incident response procedures. Our team is available for ongoing cybersecurity consulting and remediation services.

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managed it and security Services

Managed IT Services

Our team has the experience and knowledge to design and maintain your network solution on-premise or in the cloud. Our methodology is focused on meeting your business objectives with targeted deliverables, managed costs, customized service level agreements and clear communication.


  • Enterprise Architecture Planning
  • Technology and System Integration
  • On-premise and Cloud Professional IT Services
  • 24×7 Maintenance and Monitoring
  • IT System Remediation
  • Network and System Administration
  • Onboarding / Off-boarding Services
  • Service Desk Support

Managed Security Services

RSI manages your security protection assets, including your firewall and network devices. Our Oxbow SIEM Solution is completely customizable and scalable, on-premise approach to SIEM management. Our analysts install, configure and monitor your devices and activity for continued cybersecurity awareness.

  • Next Generation Firewall Installation and Configuration
  • Customized Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Management
  • Security Monitoring as a Service (SOC as a Service)
  • Endpoint management and vulnerability scanning services
  • Managed DNS


technology business Management (tbm) Consulting

TBM Framework

  • TBM management model design
  • Tool evaluation and selection
  • TBM maturity assessment, strategic roadmap and prioritized use cases
  • Implementation of TBM tools
  • Integration and data management processes
  • Establish TBM Office and governance
  • Enhance TBM roadmap and drive change management


RSI has the TBM functional and technical experience your business needs to drive technology business change.  

    data engineering and Advanced Analytics

    Advanced Algorithms and Deep Learning

    Our data engineering experts design and implement pipelines for data ingestion and analysis. We utilize algorithms, and advanced techniques for text mining and pattern recognition and open source tools to refine analysis for stronger, more reliable insight.

    Data Visualization

    Dashboard and portal design blends the science of data analysis with the art of visual images to capture new insights and make better business decisions. Our rich representation of data makes analysis simpler and enables exploration of new patterns to gain advanced visibility to a data story.

    Data Mining and Discovery

    Uncover hidden insight with advanced analytics tools – designed to ingest, process and report meaningful discoveries that are impossible to find with traditional data mining techniques. Leverage the power of more advanced processing power, algorithms and domain knowledge for data exploration.