We provide a variety of professional services such as:


  • Information Security
  • Configuration Management
  • Enterprise IT Services (Physical to Application layers)
  • Secure Server Provisioning and Hardening
  • Help Desk Services
  • Cloud Solutions (AWS and AWS GovCloud provider)
  • Advanced Data Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  • Data Visualization
  • Scorecards and Performance Management
  • Quality Assurance and Software Documentation
  • Model Based System Engineering (MBSE)


Information Management

Data Quality

Garbage In means Garbage Out. Incorrect data at the source will carry through your data pipeline to the reporting and analysis phase. Misleading information can lead to poor business decisions. A data governance strategy is critical to ensure you are empowered to make the most accurate business decisions. Data quality is a vital component of your data management solution. Our consultants can help you identify disparate sources, bring together the appropriate stake holders, eliminate duplicate processes and deliver trusted information.

Migration, Conversion and Integration

Maintaining multiple legacy data systems can often lead to duplicated information. Obtaining a consolidated view of your business can be a challenge without a single source solution. Whether you need an in-memory view, or a true data warehouse, Riverstone Solutions has the expertise to integrate your data to meet your business needs. The solution we recommend depends largely on data sources, volume and variety of your existing data. We can partner with you to recommend the best approach and turn it into a fully implemented solution.

Data Governance and Assurance

A business must align key stakeholders from Executives to IT leaders and many departments in between…including Legal, Finance and Operational leaders. This Core team can bring clarity as well as implement discipline and accountability for a data governance strategy. Bridge the Gap- Bring stakeholders together

  • Identify data sources
  • Eliminate duplication
  • Select appropriate solutions
  • Implement scalable processes
  • Maintain data integrity

High Quality data improves visibility of real drivers of business performance: successes and opportunities. True data governance is the foundation for any successful fact driven policy.

Data Managed Services

  • Data Architecture
  • Data Modeling
  • Database Maintenance
  • SQL Optimization and Tuning

Data in the Cloud

  • Amazon Web Service Experts
  • AWS GovCloud

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Data Consumers demand and utilize real-time data to make decisions. Standardized reports, Self-Service BI and data maps are all key components to truly visualize and deliver insight.

Information Security

How comfortable are you with the security of your data? Information security and cyber security are currently among the fastest growing markets, with projected growth at almost 10% per year between now and 2020!  Regardless of your industry, the security of your information is vital. Your business has a digital backbone, with mobile devices, cloud computing and the Internet of Things constantly sharing information. Encryption standards, security tools, multiple authentication methods and multi-tenant isolation measures are all important aspects that must be considered in your information security strategy.

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Enterprise IT Services

Managed IT Services

Our team has the experience and knowledge to design your network solution on-premise or in the cloud. Our methodology is focused on meeting your business objectives with targeted deliverables, managed costs and clear communication.

  • Enterprise Architecture Planning
  • Technology and System Integration
  • On-premise and Cloud Solutions
  • 24×7 Maintenance and Monitoring

Service Desk Support

  • Customer visibility to our Ticket Tracking System
  • Customized Service Level Agreements
  • Certified expert resolution

Quality Assurance and Documentation

  • System and Software test plans
  • Professional Documentation

Network and System Engineering

  • Network deployment, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • System planning and deployment
  • Software installation and maintenance

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Management Consulting

Management Consulting

Government and Commercial organizations drive Operational Excellence by strategically improving all areas of performance.

  • Performance Management
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Information Assessment
  • Post Event Analysis
  • Compliance and Training Initiatives

Performance Management

How do you measure success? Performance based management ensures that your business is ON target and operating in the most efficient and effective way. Key Performance Indicators and Metrics provide an easy way to set goals and track your progress. Data-driven insight gives a real-time view of whether your organization is on track or needs improvement. Performance Management Software enables KPI measurement and a dashboard view for real-time data access. Riverstone Solutions partners with best-in-class vendors in performance management.

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Advanced Analytics

Predictive Analytics

What if you could predict an outcome in your business? Imagine adjusting maintenance schedules based on predicted equipment failure over time. Consider the advantages of predicting market demand. Predictive means Proactive – Better decisions based on real information, drive better results.

Advanced Algorithms and Deep Learning

Utilize algorithms, and advanced techniques for text mining and pattern recognition. Let the tools ‘learn’ and refine analysis for stronger, more reliable insight,

Data Visualization

Let the data tell the story…graphical representation of your data makes analysis simpler. Explore new patterns and gain insight with a richer format. Blend the science of data analysis with the art of visual images to capture new insights and make better business decisions.

Data Mining and Discovery

Uncover hidden insight with advanced analytics tools – designed to ingest, process and report meaningful discoveries that are impossible to find with traditional data mining techniques. Leverage the power of more advanced processing power, algorithms and domain knowledge to find the gold in your data.

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Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity Planning

Cyber Protection begins with Cyber Planning. The first step to any comprehensive cyber solution is to develop and establish a complete and planned approach to protecting your company’s assets.

Riverstone Solutions can develop a complete strategic  cybersecurity plan for your corporate infrastructure. This includes identification and authentication, mobile connectivity, physical and information system security and many other control families.

Cyber Readiness and Assessment

Cyber readiness focuses on the preventative measures  a company can take along with planning for an appropriate and rapid response when an incident does occur. Creating a culture of intense cyber readiness means creating a resilient organization.

Riverstone Solutions performs gap assessments to determine your organization’s cyber readiness in advance of audits or other third party assessments. 

Policies and Procedures

Many cybersecurity control families are adequately addressed through solid corporate policies and procedures. Most importantly, say what your company will do – and then do those things. Custom policies and procedures allow for the creation and maintenance of audit artifacts that will streamline any assessment activity.

Plan of Action Remediation

Riverstone Solutions is an Information Technology company. We are well versed in maintaining and remediating corporate infrastructure to attain and maintain cybersecurity requirements. This includes tasks such as implementation of Multi-Factor Authentication, securing corporate networks and email systems, and establishing SIEM like logging and audit capabilities. If your company has a plan of action, we can help to execute and drive outstanding actions back to green.

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Engineering and Technical Services

Software Engineering

Riverstone Solutions handles all aspects of Software Engineering including design, development, integration and test and verification.

Systems Integration

Hardware and Software integration requires proven techniques and in-depth knowledge of various systems and engineering principles. Our unique engineering experience and demonstrated methodologies have allowed our engineers to design, develop, integrate and deliver trusted systems to our customers across multiple domains.

Modeling and Simulation

Modeling and Simulation allows our engineers to design and improve systems and products while simultaneously focusing on operational costs and risk management. Riverstone Solutions’ engineers are well versed in advanced analytical tools and modeling software such as MATLAB and Simulink.

Design and Analysis

System design and analysis encapsulates electronic and mechanical design techniques and serves to minimize project risk while maximizing confidence in build and verification efforts. Multiple analysis methods are utilized and often improved with modeling and simulation techniques. Analysis is an early method of identifying design implementations and components that may not meet requirements. Our focus on resolving design issues identified during analysis (and prior to hardware implementation) maximizes efficiency and success while minimizing risk and cost associated with repeat build and verification steps.