Security and Compliance Capabilities

Solutions for the Defense Industrial Base - RSI works with defense contractors as a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) to achieve CMMC goals. We create a custom security and compliance roadmap and deliver consulting services and security solutions specific to your organization’s needs. Our customized engagement is unique to each customer, allowing you to pay for only the services and solutions you need. No hidden charges, or up front costs for generic templates. We deliver full documentation packages that are specific to your organizational approach to enterprise security.

Evaluation and Baseline

Full review or your cybersecurity posture. Where are you now in your security control implementation? We develop a full documentation package to meet compliance requirements and let you know about next steps to secure your enterprise. Includes your calculated SPRS score and recommendations to close any security gaps.

Plan and Remediate

Now that you have a baseline for the organization, plan and schedule implementation milestones. We act as an extension of your IT / Security team. Outsource remediation of specific tasks that are too complex or time consuming for your team – especially helpful for small IT teams.

Monitor, Detect, Respond

Use our Oxbow Security Platform SIEM to Aggregate & Analyze Security Data from your On- Premise security protection devices and Microsoft 365 Cloud data; We offer 24×7 ‘Monitoring as a Service’, watching your network while you sleep. Includes custom threat intelligence alerts for your organization.

Security Training and Awareness

Monthly or Quarterly security training plans delivered in person or virtually to your users. Includes cybersecurity training, insider threat awareness, role based training, certification training (Security +, CISSP, RMF) and more. Customized to meet your requirements. Includes training record management for your team.

Continuous Improvement

Maintaining a secure and compliant enterprise is ongoing – it is a journey, not a destination. We partner with you in that journey, keeping track of the administrative tasks as you go. What are your “organizationally defined” periods for review? How and where do you track your artifacts – to demonstrate you’re doing the tasks you outlined in the SSP? Security administration tasks are time consuming, especially for small teams.  We manage those tasks for you, so you have confidence in your day-to-day compliance.

Registered Practitioner Organization

We are pleased to announce that the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Accreditation Board (Cyber-AB) has recognized Riverstone Solutions, Inc. (RSI) as a Registered Provider Organization (RPO).  RSI is registered to provide consulting, pre-assessment readiness reviews, documentation, and recommendations for the CMMC to their clients.