Cloud Solutions

Leveraging Cloud Deployment Models

Cloud Migration

Design and apply architecture frameworks and principles that reduce risk and modernize your environments. We’ll work with you to create clearly defined architecture, technology and enterprise controls to enable successful cloud adoption and consumption. Our architecture specialists will classify your workloads and build an enterprise blueprint that aligns architecture principles, security and standards with your business priorities.

Cloud Managed Services

We collaborate with your teams to align service management capabilities with business objectives, supporting users and enabling service delivery in the cloud. Our cloud operations specialists then work with you to design a target operating model and define a service strategy, outlining use cases and automation opportunities.


Security in Cloud Deployments

Making good decisions in the cloud starts with a solid governance approach that directs your planning, architecture, deployment, operation, control and management — keeping you on a path to cloud success.

But creating ongoing engagement, alignment and shared responsibility across diverse business functions can be tough.

Our consultants help you align your business and technology agendas, making it easier to choose the right route forward, confidently assessing impact and potential benefit. We’ll help you establish governance, operational and architectural frameworks to mitigate risks and reduce inefficiencies, so you can manage cost, simplify compliance, improve security and accelerate time to delivery.


Cloud Solutions

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