Information Management

Using Data as a Resource

Data Quality

Garbage In means Garbage Out. Incorrect data at the source will carry through your data pipeline to the reporting and analysis phase. Misleading information can lead to poor business decisions. A data governance strategy is critical to ensure you are empowered to make the most accurate business decisions. Data quality is a vital component of your data management solution. Our consultants can help you identify disparate sources, bring together the appropriate stake holders, eliminate duplicate processes and deliver trusted information.

Migration, Conversion and Integration

Maintaining multiple legacy data systems can often lead to duplicated information. Obtaining a consolidated view of your business can be a challenge without a single source solution. Whether you need an in-memory view, or a true data warehouse, Riverstone Solutions has the expertise to integrate your data to meet your business needs. The solution we recommend depends largely on data sources, volume and variety of your existing data. We can partner with you to recommend the best approach and turn it into a fully implemented solution.

Data Governance and Assurance

A business must align key stakeholders from Executives to IT leaders and many departments in between…including Legal, Finance and Operational leaders. This Core team can bring clarity as well as implement discipline and accountability for a data governance strategy. Bridge the Gap- Bring stakeholders together

  • Identify data sources
  • Eliminate duplication
  • Select appropriate solutions
  • Implement scalable processes
  • Maintain data integrity

High Quality data improves visibility of real drivers of business performance: successes and opportunities. True data governance is the foundation for any successful fact driven policy.

Data Managed Services

  • Data Architecture
  • Data Modeling
  • Database Maintenance
  • SQL Optimization and Tuning

Data in the Cloud

  • Amazon Web Service Experts
  • AWS GovCloud

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Data Consumers demand and utilize real-time data to make decisions. Standardized reports, Self-Service BI and data maps are all key components to truly visualize and deliver insight.

Information Security

How comfortable are you with the security of your data? Information security and cyber security are currently among the fastest growing markets, with projected growth at almost 10% per year between now and 2020!  Regardless of your industry, the security of your information is vital. Your business has a digital backbone, with mobile devices, cloud computing and the Internet of Things constantly sharing information. Encryption standards, security tools, multiple authentication methods and multi-tenant isolation measures are all important aspects that must be considered in your information security strategy.

Information Management

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