Engineering and Technical Services

Integrating Systems and Software

Software Engineering

Riverstone Solutions handles all aspects of Software Engineering including design, development, integration and test and verification. 

Systems Integration

Hardware and Software integration requires proven techniques and in-depth knowledge of various systems and engineering principles. Our unique engineering experience and demonstrated methodologies have allowed our engineers to design, develop, integrate and deliver trusted systems to our customers across multiple domains. 

Modeling and Simulation

Modeling and Simulation allows our engineers to design and improve systems and products while simultaneously focusing on operational costs and risk management. Riverstone Solutions’ engineers are well versed in advanced analytical tools and modeling software such as MATLAB and Simulink.

Design and Analysis

System design and analysis encapsulates electronic and mechanical design techniques and serves to minimize project risk while maximizing confidence in build and verification efforts. Multiple analysis methods are utilized and often improved with modeling and simulation techniques. Analysis is an early method of identifying design implementations and components that may not meet requirements. Our focus on resolving design issues identified during analysis (and prior to hardware implementation) maximizes efficiency and success while minimizing risk and cost associated with repeat build and verification steps.

Engineering and Technical Services

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